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Each peppermill is individually handcrafted, primarily of exotic woods from around the world, using a unique assembling process. This process produces a distinct wood pattern that repeats on all four sides. Having the adjustment on the bottom of the ceramic grinder allows for unique tops of various designs.
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Katalox and Bloodwood w/ Katalox top. #DS1307
Imbuya and Balay wood w/ Imbuya top. #DS1204
Rose, Morado, and Bubinga wood w/ Morado top. #DS1203
Ebony, Bubinga, Morado, and Sapele wood w/ Bubinga top & Ebony top. #DS1201
Bubinga, Granadillo, Lyptus, and Walnut wood, w/ Cherry top & Granadillo top. #DS1302
Wenge and Holly wood w/ Bloodwood top. #DS1108
Purple Hart and Yellow Hart wood w/ Purple Hart top. #DS1206
Lace and Morado wood w/ Morado top. #DS1205